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Scott West Hot Rod Memorial Round One

Angmering Raceway continued its pattern of laying on something special for the Hot Rod racers on a Bank Holiday Sunday. With the Monday event given over mainly to the crowd-pleasing car jumping, Van Bangers, “CBs”, etc, Sunday was a day for the racers, with the Hot Rods getting unrivalled value for money as the format for the first leg of the Scott West Memorial event meant that most of them would get a practice session and six races during the afternoon, culminating in a spectacular 25 lap handicap Grand Final.

The Hot Rods raced in their normal four groups although a disappointing entry of the Outlaws and 2-litres, with many of the potential contenders committed to racing at Ringwood the following day, meant that those two classes raced together. Each class had their normal two heats and a final for club points, plus an extra two heats to qualify for the Scott West Memorial. The top four (which in some classes meant all survivors) from each class then went forward to the Grand Final. Conditions were mixed, with a couple of heavy showers during the afternoon meaning that everyone had dry and wet races.

The day began with a very nicely staged parade lap of all competing cars, in honour of the Manchester bombing victims.

11 cars started the day in the HOT ROD A group. Zi Jones’ Corsa beat the handicapping to win the first heat, which was stopped early after Stuart Orford spun out, but Zi didn’t appear again. With the handicap starts putting a full lap between Paul Boot’s 1-litre Micra at the front and Stuart’s Starlet at the back, the second heat worked out a lot closer, with Josie Johnsey’s Prod B Nova holding on in front of Les Croucher’s 1400 Civic, the Starlets of Stuart and Adam Fry, and Adrian Treagus’ immaculate Prod A Micra (which ought to be sent to Ireland as it would fit in perfectly with the Rosegreen Production class!). The final saw track owner Jim Hazelgrove joining in with his MG ZR and he caught up to feature in a super close finish after 20 laps with Josie Johnsey taking another excellent win, Stuart Orford sweeping round the outside of the last corner to pip Les Croucher for second, and Jim in fourth. Jamie Howlett’s Corsa and the Micras of Paul Boot and Gav Treagus completed the finishers after Robert Howlett had problems in son Craig’s Nova.

On a wet track, Gav Treagus led the first of the “bonus” heats all the way, challenged by Robert Howlett until the Nova dropped back. Next time out, in even wetter conditions, Paul Boot’s Micra led for a long time, but it was Jim Hazelgrove who came through to win from Paul, Robert and Adrian Treagus.

The HOT ROD B group started with 8 cars but soon lost Ian Stephens, who’d dragged his Fiesta out of at least ten years’ retirement and dropped a standard Zetec in it, but was let down by his fuel pump before he could find out how much grip was left in the ancient slicks! Sam Tate also had problems on his debut with the ex-Sam Harris CRX and the ever unlucky Chris Dancocks blew up his Nova on the first lap. Graham Goddard won the first heat in his Corsa, but had to give best in the second race to his wife-to-be, Jody Withers, who grabbed the lead in the last two laps, unfortunately in the only race she finished all day. The final saw Gary Horne’s Civic allowing Graham no way past with Gary holding on for a close win; Pete Robinson’s Civic was third from Ian Staff’s Peugeot.

The first bonus heat was won in a heavy shower by Pete Robinson from Graham Goddard, Gary Horne and Ian Staff. The last heat saw just the two Civics come out so they raced together with the Outlaw/2-litre cars, Pete beating Gary.

With just four OUTLAW HOT RODS and three 2-LITRE HOT RODS, they were combined all day. Trevor Ward dominated the Outlaws’ results, racing past Andy Goodman and Terry Bell to win both heats. Terry unfortunately dropped out after the second heat and Andy was sidelined early in the final, so Trevor was chased home by Charlie Sayers, using his Zetec-powered Starlet rather than his full Outlaw spec Corsa.

The 2-litre class was won in the first heat by Paul Perry’s Tigra, but Gary Furminger’s Corsa just held off the Tigra in the second heat and final.

In the wet, the first of the Scott West Memorial heats was a closer run affair between Trevor Ward and Charlie Sayers, although Trevor eventually caught and passed the Starlet. Gary Furminger held off Kevin Duce’s fiesta to win the 2-litres. The last of the heats was highlighted by Dickie Burtenshaw, the veteran Angmering star making a guest appearance in Paul Perry’s car and drifting it round in fine style to give Trevor Ward a close chase for the win.

11 of the potential 16 cars made the grid, by now in hot sunshine, for the SCOTT WEST MEMORIAL GRAND FINAL, with everything from Paul Boot’s 1-litre Micra to Trevor Ward’s unstoppable Outlaw on the grid. Trevor had three laps’ handicap to make up on Paul, and although the race wasn’t easy to follow, it was a great spectacle and by the end of 25 laps (hard work for both cars and drivers on the long, fast Angmering track) there was no doubt that Trevor had done more than enough to be flagged home the winner, with Pete Robinson’s FWD Civic a fine second and Charlie Sayers’ Starlet third.

There were four support classes in action. The JUNIORS (actually a mix of the Junior Rod and Junior Prod classes) had a nine car field. Buster Jolliffe’s Peugeot 205 won the first race with Kayleigh Smith’s Micra rapidly closing, but nobody could stop Kayleigh in the second heat or final. Buster Jolliffe held onto second from the Micras of Frank Rumbold and Max Jones, who was first of the “Prod” cars ahead of Tyler Sayers’ Micra and Jay Staff’s 206, with Terence Joliffe’s Nova completing the “Rod” finishers.

The FWD SALOON RODS only had 5 cars, but the racing was ultra close. The standard Civics of Caroline Fry and Simon Croucher had a lap start over the rest and, as usual, Angmering handicapping proved spot-on as Caroline won the second heat, crossing the line three-abreast with Matt Jagger’s Civic and Jamie Sayers’ Rover 200. Matt and Jamie battled all day with Matt winning the first heat and Jamie the final.

The PROD STOX brought out 14 cars, including 10 yellow MG/Rovers. Dean Archer won the first heat and was leading the second when it was stopped by a sudden torrential shower, that sent the cars of Chris Francis and Jay Parsons cannoning into the bottom bend fence. The final saw all the yellow cars chasing the blue Corsa of Darren Wood, who led all the way, with plenty of action in the pack behind until Dean Archer took second from Shaun Proudlock.

The only contact racing (in theory!) came from the MICRA STOX, with just nine cars in action after the much bigger turnouts for the opening events. Chris Tullett continued his winning ways in the first heat, but was beaten by Richard Mackley and Dan Smith in the second. Dan led for a long way in the final, then Richard Mackley took over in front of a tight 6-car battle, until they all ended up in a big pile after a heavy hit in the pit gate turn. We think the result was taken from the previous lap, which would have made Richard Mackley the winner from Dan Smith, Chris Tullett and Rory Tate.

The day finished with a typically informal trophy presentation for the Hot Rod racers. Anyone who enjoys friendly and varied club level Hot Rod racing needs to be back at Angmering for the second leg of the Scott West Memorial on July 9.