Stoke Speedway 16 August 2011

This was our first visit to the Loomer Road stadium in the Potteries since 2001, when we organised an "Autograss substitute" event here during the Foot & Mouth outbreak. The track, re-opened for car racing this year, has seen considerable improvement, notably the replacement of the post and rope fence with an earth-backed armco wall. Tuesday night racing was a bit of a novelty, but despite only having a couple of weeks' notice of the event, 16 Grassers turned up along with a good entry of F2 Stock Cars and Bangers. A good night was had by all, despite a power failure meaning that the lights didn't come on until 5 minutes before the 9.30 curfew - the grassers ran their finals in the last of the daylight and the F2s raced in almost pitch dark!

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