All Ireland Autograss Series Round 1 - Down Autograss

The four-round 2014 AIAS started with a fresh challenge for the Irish racers as Down's new track at Loughbrickland, near Banbridge, was staging only its second weekend's racing. The brand new track obviously had one or two points requiring attention on the first day, but the improvement after several hours of work on Saturday night demonstrated just how good the track has the potential to become once Cecil Haffey's had more time to work his magic. The very fast, wide track with constant changes of camber and gradient will always present a different sort of challenge which will be very welcome. It's also in a lovely setting and although the forecasters had promised a fine Saturday and wet Sunday, it was the rain that they failed to deliver so the meeting ran in near perfect conditions. The turnout was a little down on what we'd hope for at an All Ireland round, but there was a competitive field in every class to produce spectacular action and just a little controversy. Round 2, at West Waterford on June 28/29, is eagerly awaited.

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