All Ireland Autograss Series Round 2

+ Irish Fastest Person on Grass - West Waterford

After many years of hosting the All Ireland Finals, this year's calendar shuffle saw West Waterford with an unaccustomed June date to host the second of the four rounds. However, all the familiar features of West Waterford's meeting were retained; it doubled up as the Irish Fastest Person on Grass Championship (with Aidan O'Neill retaining the title he won nine months previously), it was concluded by a night (and early morning) of festivities at the Lismore House Hotel, and fine weather gave plenty of opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and the mountain scenery. One difference was that the usual spotless track surface was giving cause for concern, having had little resettling time after being completely re-worked. But in truth, what passed as a merely good surface at Ballysaggart would have been rated as excellent in most places! The track was diligently worked all weekend, in circumstances where some clubs might just have chucked water on it and carried on. The result was superb fast and spectacular racing in the best West Waterford tradition. And the best thing was, due to the change of date, we're still due a second helping in September!

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