All Ireland Autograss Series Round 3 & Fastest Junior on Grass - Cork

Cork has been the forgotten club of Ireland for several years, at least as far as allocating the All Ireland series dates was concerned, but this year the unique, and deceptively fast, track at Castletown-Kenneigh found a worthy place on the series schedule, and 90 drivers, representing all six Irish clubs, found their way into the depths of the West Cork countryside. They enjoyed an excellent, well run event with plenty of close fought racing and just a little less on-track controversy than the first two rounds. The event also featured the annual Fastest Junior on Grass race, a thrilling final won by Killian Thompson. However, what this meeting will be remembered for is the torrential storm that stopped racing for six hours on Saturday. Everyone took shelter as the rain hammered down, but those who glanced outside at the flooded pits and track were met with the surreal sight of a Micra parked on its roof on the track, and nobody knew how it had got there (in fact the rain had come down so hard that young Dylan Feeney couldn't see his way to the track exit as the marshals ran for cover!) Yet the moment the rain stopped, the track was miraculously ready to race on again and the heats continued late on Saturday evening, before a fine day on Sunday, when everything ran perfectly, topped off by a typical Irish prizegiving at Cookie O'Callaghan's very welcoming bar in Castletown-Kenneigh.

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