All Ireland Autograss Series Final - Carlow - 23/24 August 2014

Every round of this year's AIAS has been a superb event in its own way and Carlow club had a lot to live up to, especially to match the atmosphere of previous All Ireland finals at West Waterford. But from the moment we arrived it was clear that Carlow would meet and exceed all expectations. The Knocknatubbrid venue was immaculately laid out and presented with one or two new features (such as the "caged in" startline) to make the event run smoother. The attention to detail was also reflected in a track surface that needed virtually no work during the weekend other than a well-judged amount of watering, and remained in perfect condition throughout. A track as good as that is bound to produce good racing and that was very much the case here, with a series high of 123 entries ensuring close competition in every class. The pace of the event also managed to beat the wet weather that was on its way as the finals were completed, with one of the most spectacular finishes ever to a Champion of Champions race. Any one of five cars could still have won exiting the last corner, but it was John Fuller who snatched the all Ireland trophy. It was all topped off by a well attended prizegiving at the Dolmen Hotel from which, in the best All Ireland tradition, the last stragglers retired at 6 am!

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