Rolling Thunder Show - 13 September 2014

The Saturday night season at Arena Essex started in March with stormy weather and clean racing, and ended in September on a fine night but with stormy conditions on track. Everything that could go wrong did this evening, and as soon as the organisation recovered from one setback, it happened again! Unfortunately the most serious incidents all involved Junior racers , and although it was disappointing that, for the first time that we can remember at a regular RTS meeting, the full programme wasn't completed, the important thing was that after prioritising looking after the young racers, by the end of the night all those involved had been given a clean bill of health - even those involved in the massive pile-up that ended the Mini Sprints' racing for the night. Highlight of the night was the ultra close duel between Trevor Ward and Terry Bell for the Outlaw Hot Rods' "World Cup".

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