Invicta Kent - 5 October 2014

Our travels this year only allowed us time for two visits to our good friends at Invicta, for the first and last meetings of the year, and after a busy six months of racing down on Romney Marsh, everything was looking just as good as it had at the start of the year. Track conditions were as near perfect as you'll see, and it was quite obvious that this had been the case all year, as most of the cars that had been through a full season's racing looked just as good as they had in April! There was a strong turnout, with just a few thin classes, and there were still new drivers joining in at this time of year. The day was warm and sunny, the racing was close and clean and the organisation was so slick that everyone was lining up for bonus open races by 3 pm. The Kent club has an "advantage" over most NASA clubs in that there's only one other club within two hours' drive, so Invicta has a strong nucleus of drivers who stick to their home track, and by giving them a first rate facility every time, Derek Linch and his team have once again demonstrated that club racing has a bright future in the Garden of England!

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