Autograss Racing is probably Britain's most popular club level motor sport. There are currently over 50 clubs organising race meetings throughout England, Wales, Scotland and  Northern and Southern Ireland under the rules of the National Autograss Sport Association (NASA) and there are over 4,000 active drivers licensed by NASA. This total is believed to be higher than the number of drivers involved in either Circuit Racing, Rallying or Short Circuit Racing.


Autograss Review is the only publication offering regular coverage all aspects of the National Autograss scene and is read by the majority of drivers, car constructors and club officials active in the sport.


The magazine is published 10 times per year (monthly during the racing season of March/April - December, plus a New Year issue). It is produced in A5 format, black-and-white only, with a cover price of £2.50


Distribution is by direct subscription or through NASA Autograss clubs and sales at race meetings.  Press deadlines are the first Monday of each month preceding cover date.




Rates per issue: Trade Advertisers

Rear cover (subject to availability) £70.00

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Half page £40.00

Quarter or sixth page display £25.00


NASA Club rates

Rear cover (subject to availability) £60.00

Full page (excluding back cover) £50.00

Half page £35.00

Quarter or sixth page display £20.00


Discounts available:

(Full or half page advertisements - per issue)

Regular advertising (minimum of 6 issues per year) -£5.00

Prepayment (cheque with order) -£5.00 


Special rates may be negotiated for a full season's advertising, paid in advance. For further details, please contact Jeffrey Parish at the address below.

Private classified adverts are free to magazine subscribers, or may be printed in semi-display format, or accompanied by a photo, for a charge of £5.00 (to be paid when submitting the advert, please). We prefer adverts to be submitted by e-mail or post; by fax if necessary, but please NOT by phone.


Advertising on this website can also be arranged on flexible terms. Please visit our links page for more details.



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