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We've continued to support smaller independent clubs and promotions possible, despite many clashes of dates between the events we'd really have liked to cover, but our 2023 travels have taken us to:

WATERFORD RACEWAY - back in business at The Pike for their unique brand of Hot Rod racing, now affiliated to Motorsport Ireland

TONGHAM MOTOR CLUB - now the only remaining club running to SEGTO rules, but enjoying a full season of very well supported meetings

THE ROLLING THUNDER SHOW - steadily rebuilding support for its independent oval racing scene at Norfolk's Swaffham Raceway

KENT OUTLAW OVAL RACING - unfortunately date clashes mean we couldn't be at as many KOOR meetings this year but we've been heading for Lydden whenever we could.

STANDLAKE ARENA - the popular and well-run independent Oxfordshire oval that features some excellent budget non-contact classes alongside its well supported Outlaw F2 class

THE MINI SEVEN RACING CLUB - our first love in racing, still going strong after 57 years and taking us to venues this year from Croft to Zandvoort.

We've also prioritised occasional other fun events such as the East Cork Hot Rod Club's Watergrasshill Sprint, although the weather thwarted our plan to return to Wexford and the Ballymurn Hot Rod Club and instead enabled us to enjoy some Irish circuit racing at Mondello Park.

We're already approaching the end of our 2023 season. There are three more events to go with the Mini Seven Racing Club, at Croft, Silverstone and Brands Hatch. One of our season highlights is coming up; the annual Outlaw F2 Open at Standlake Arena on 25 September, this year joined by the "gold roof" race for the V8 Stock Car Tour. Our next Irish trip is not until 5 November, for the next round at Waterford Raceway and in the meantime we'll get in as many more events as we can at our regular venues, including Swaffham, Lydden and Tongham. 

It's been a busy summer and we're still finishing off our coverage of most of the meetings we've done in the last couple of months. More links should be appearing below as soon as we get a moment!

Standlake Arena 3 December 2023 Waterford Raceway 26 November 2023
Standlake Arena 19 November 2023 Lydden 18 November 2023
Waterford Raceway 5 November 2023 Brands Hatch 28-29 October 2023
Tongham 22 October 2023 Silverstone 14-15 October 2023
Tongham 8 October 2023 Swaffham 30 September 2023
Standlake Arena 24 September 2023 Swaffham 23 September 2023
Croft 16-17 September 2023 
Tongham 27-28 August 2023 
  Swaffham 13 August 2023 
Swaffham 12 August 2023  Brands Hatch 6 August 2023 
Lydden 5 August 2023  Tongham 23 July 2023 
Swaffham 22 July 2023  Zandvoort 14-16 July 2023 
Mondello Park 9 July 2023  Mondello Park 8 July 2023 
Standlake Arena Bank Holiday Monday

We're still working on the three very busy events we attended over the UK Bank Holiday weekend, but coverage and photos will be here soon

We were very sorry to hear of the passing of Jamie Egan on 30 April 2023. Coming from the grass racing Hot Rod scene in Wexford, Jamie soon became known as one of the quickest lady racers in Ireland during the 2017 to 2019 seasons when she raced regularly at Waterford Raceway, battling with her sister Katie. Our sympathies to her father Pat, mother Anne, Katie, Lucy and all Jamie's family and friends.

Apologies for running out of time last year! As you can see from the individual race meeting links our work and other commitments too over after the Jubilee Holiday weekend and once we'd missed a few weeks' updates it proved impossible to catch up. The events below are the ones for which we have coverage on file, some of it almost ready to upload, some of it needing more work! If we ever get enough time we'll try to start filling in the gaps.


  2022-51 ANGMERING
2022-50 SWAFFHAM RTS 15 2022-49 LYDDEN KOOR 9
2022-48 BRANDS HATCH 2022-47 SWAFFHAM RTS 14
2022-44 LYDDEN KOOR 8 2022-43 SWAFFHAM RTS 13
2022-38 SWAFFHAM RTS 11 2022-37 ANGLESEY
2022-36 TONGHAM 2-DAY 2022-35 SWAFFHAM RTS 10
2022-34 BRANDS HATCH 2022-33 LYDDEN KOOR 5
2022-32 TONGHAM 2022-31 LYDDEN CMMC
2022-30 SWAFFHAM RTS 8 2022-29 DONINGTON
2022-28 SWAFFHAM RTS 7 2022-27 TONGHAM 50
2022-26 - LYDDEN KOOR 4 2022-25 - ANGMERING SWM



NOVEMBER 2022 ….

We completed our season with the Mini 7s’ “Winter” championship round at Brands Hatch, supported by the very popular truck racing, the Kent Oval Outlaws’ season closer at Lydden, the final RTS meeting at Swaffham, and unfortunately what would this time definitely be our last ever visit to the already much missed Angmering Oval Raceway.


OCTOBER 2022 ….

As the season began to wind down, we only managed to fit in five events during October. Two of these were with the Rolling Thunder Show at Swaffham, with another Kent Outlaws meeting at Lydden. We planned two visits to Tongham, but the final date proved to be the SEGTO track’s first rain-out of the year. From two of our favourite tracks to one of our least favourites, the Mini 7 Racing Club’s national season ended on the “International” circuit at Silverstone


SEPTEMBER 2022 ....

One of our most eagerly awaited treats of this year was the Mini Seven Racing Club's first visit to the spectacular Anglesey circuit at the beginning of the month, which didn’t disappoint. The rest of our September plans centred around some of our regular venues including Swaffham, Lydden, the SEGTO Championship final at Tongham, the Outlaw F2 Stox Open Championship at Standlake Arena and, sadly, the second of the special "farewell" meetings for Angmering Oval Raceway.


AUGUST 2022 ...

The highlight of August these days has to be the annual Mini Festival at Brands Hatch, with a packed race programme highlighted by the Mini Seven Racing Club classes, and plenty of off track attractions (including a display by the Kent Oval Outlaws, combining two of our current racing interests). As the heatwave continued, we also took a bit of much needed time away from the tracks, so our only other events were the Rolling Thunder Show's "World Finals" meeting at Swaffham and the two-day Bank Holiday event at Tongham. Clashing commitments kept us away from a lot of events we'd normally prioritise, including the All Ireland Autograss finals at West Waterford, the summer edition of the East Cork Fun Sprint at Watergrasshill and the 51st Fastest Man on Grass at Lincoln.


JULY 2022 ....

In the sweltering heat of July, we continued to keep our oval racing action relatively local, with two visits to the Rolling Thunder Show's Swaffham meetings and one each to Tongham Motor Club. As well as the latest instalment in the Kent Oval Outlaws' successful season, we took in a rare day's circuit racing at Lydden with the added attraction of the second UK outing of the year for V8 Late Models. The Mini Seven Racing Club's latest round at Donington Park provided further circuit racing. At the end of the month we maintained our "sabbatical" from Autograss racing, missing our first Nationals since 1989 as other commitments just couldn't make time for it.


JUNE 2022 ....

Our June schedule kickED off over the Jubilee Holiday weekend with two visits to Angmering, including the third SEGTO Championship round. Then we followED the Mini Seven season to Castle Combe, before further events at Swaffham. We returned to Angmering for the last annual Scott West Memorial meeting, where a good turnout of Hot Rods produced a memorable day, followed by another visit to the Kent Oval Outlaws at Lydden, rounding the month off with a special event to commemmorate Tongham Motor Club's 50th anniversary.


MAY 2022 ....

We enjoyed a busy month of May, starting with the second SEGTO Championship round at Angmering and followed by further visits to Standlake Arena, The Kent Oval Outlaws at Lydden Hill, Tongham Motor Club and Swaffham Raceway, plus what's always one of the highlights of the Mini Seven season at Cadwell Park.


APRIL 2022 ....

A full and varied month taking advantage of all the sunshine,  with one highlight being our first visit to the new Kent Outlaw Oval Racing club that's establishing a new style of oval motorsport, very successfully, at Lydden Hill. Two days of excellent racing at Snetterton with the Mini Seven Racing Club, two more Saturday night dates with the Rolling Thunder Show at Swaffham, two very well supported SEGTO meetings at Tongham Motor Club and an Easter Monday trip to Standlake Arena completed a busy month.


MARCH 2022 ....

Our outings in March were restricted to two events; the first round of the SEGTO Championship, which would again be contested over three hard surface rounds at Angmering and three on dirt at Tongham, and the first event of the Rolling Thunder Show's busy Saturday night season at Swaffham. Our month was due to be completed with the first rounds of The Mini Seven Racing Club's Championships at Silverstone, but Covid had finally caught up with us....



It was a promising start to the year, despite the cancellations of the Autosport show, Motorsport with Attitude and Race Retro. Our year kicked off with the revival of the Oval Racing Expo, which provided a superb day's racing at Swaffham, if not quite on the scale yet of past events at Arena Essex. At the end of January we at last made it back to Ireland for the East Cork Hot Rod Club's Loftus Haulage Funsprint at Watergrasshill.


Mid-February saw us back on more local ground, for the season opener at Standlake Arena. Even at this stage of the year we were feeling the effect of clashing fixtures, with our last few outings keeping us away from the first very well supported events of what's sadly going to be the last season at Angmering Oval Raceway, but we were hoping to return to the south coast venue very soon.


2021 for us was in danger of being dominated by off track matters - flooding in Alconbury village at Christmas 2020 meant that for much of the year we were exiled from HQ and dealings with insurers and contractors almost got in the way of racing activity. We never quite made it over the water this year; by the time we felt that Ireland was ready for us the weather intervened to thwart our visit to the end of season cup meeting at Ballymurn in Wexford. On the plus side we revived our active involvement with the Mini Seven Racing Club, a club which we've been part of for 45 years! After joining the Minis at Snetterton, Cadwell Park, Brands Hatch, Pembrey, Donington Park and Brands again (we just missed two rounds at Silverstone despite that being our nearest circuit!) the Mini Seven season is promising to be our top priority for 2022!  Our top oval circuit was of course Standlake Arena again and we had six trips to Oxfordshire, while we completed the year with a return to the other side of the Fens at Norfolk's Swaffham Raceway, which we expect to play a major part in our 2022 plans. On the Autograss front the always healthy club scene at Invicta Kent was the major draw and we fitted in five meetings there. We couldn't miss either the Stock Hatch Nationals or the Fastest Man on Grass, hosted by Sturton & Stow club, and of course there were the two National meetings at York and Radford. Again we have plenty of coverage of all these events to upload, so we'll start filling in the gaps - time permitting!


We're afraid our website updates were one thing that suffered during 2020. But we did get back to a few local events as the country slowly struggled back to life. With Autograss confined to "practice" events for the year (you wouldn't have known the difference!) we made it to three meetings at Invicta Kent and two at Scunthorpe. Among the oval raceways the independent track at Standlake came to the fore in applying all the right restrictions in a sensible and balanced way and we enjoyed three excellent late season meetings there, including the Outlaw F2 Open, which was again a highlight of the year. We have coverage of all these events waiting to be sorted and uploaded so we'll see when the workload allows us to catch up!


The first two months of our season were dominated by the weather. We were lucky at our first two competitive events of the year, the East Cork Hot Rod-run McNamara Motorsport Funsprint at Watergrasshill, and the non-championship opening meeting at Waterford Raceway, but the storms "Ciara" and "Dennis" that hit Ireland and the UK in quick succession in February caused two postponements of the re-opening of the Kilflynn Raceway in Co Kerry. On the bright side, both the Motorsport with Attitude and Race Retro shows enjoyed fine, if chilly, weather for their outdoor live action.

MARCH 2020 ....

The Kilflynn event finally went ahead with a good crowd to enjoy two days of rather wet and windy action - we'll hope that the Kerry track will soon see more regular racing again. Straight after our return from Kerry, all Irish Motorsport was put on hold. The Waterford Raceway practice day and championship round 1 on March 21/22 were the first meetings to be announced as postponed, but every other organiser in Ireland quickly followed suit. The UK ovals still had a very  busy weekend on 14/15 March, with the majority of both ORCi and independent tracks in action, although the weather was inevitably postponing the start of the Autograss season.  A day later the UK was following Ireland's example and all of our plans for the year, racing and otherwise, were put on pause ...

National Autograss Championships
at Red Roses 4-5 August 2018
- coverage coming soon
Standlake Arena
24 June 2018
- coverage coming soon
Rolling Thunder Show at Arena Essex
30 June 2018
- coverage coming soon
Standlake Arena
Spring Bank Holiday Monday
- coverage coming soon
Rolling Thunder Show at Arena Essex
26 May 2018
- coverage coming soon
Rolling Thunder Show at Arena Essex
12 May 2018
- coverage coming soon
Standlake Arena
May Bank Holiday Monday
- coverage coming soon
Standlake Arena
29 April 2018
- coverage coming soon
Rolling Thunder Show at Arena Essex
28 April 2018
- coverage coming soon
Rolling Thunder Show at Arena Essex
14 April 2018
- coverage coming soon
Standlake Arena
15 April 2018
- coverage coming soon
Standlake Arena
Easter Monday
- coverage coming soon
Standlake Arena
11 March 2018
- coverage coming soon
Angmering Oval Raceway
18 March 2018
- coverage coming soon
Race Retro
Stoneleigh Park 24 February 2018
- coverage coming soon
The Oval Racing Expo
Arena Essex Raceway
- coverage coming soon
Standlake Arena
18 February 2018
- coverage coming soon
Autosport International 2018
Show coverage coming soon
Autosport International 2018
Live Action coverage coming soon